Episode 54

Published on:

1st Nov 2022

Interview with Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu (@realkidpoker) is fresh off a $3.3 million win in the Super High Roller Bowl. Perhaps the most famous poker player on the planet, he is ranked #3 on the all-time money list. We start with a discussion of the new era in poker ("the Solver era") and some recent adjustments he's made in his game. We move on to some deep history - his move from Canada to Vegas; his early years with Phil Ivey, Allen Cunningham, and John Juanda; some very big gambling in the early years; and the "pump-up years" in the poker economy after WSOP 2003, Rounders, and the Andy Beal games. He tells some great golf-gambling stories from the late 2000s, and he explains how his competitive goals shifted from cash games to tournaments. Daniel goes through his WSOP routine each year, which includes a prep period, followed by extreme intensity during the WSOP (where he often gains ten to fifteen pounds), and then a long rest period.

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